Hair Restoration: PRP treatment in Peabody, MA

Do you suffer from hair loss? Are you looking for a solution to treat your hair loss issue? Then you need to give our PRP hair treatment a try!

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, PRP is obtained with a simple blood draw from you and spun in a centrifuge to collect the rich gold PRP, which is full of growth factors. The PRP is then injected into your scalp, focusing on areas of hair loss and thinning.

PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical treatment that can significantly improve hair growth and thickness. The PRP hair treatment can be described as simple, quick, and with mild discomfort, as it involves several injections into the scalp. One of the main goals of this treatment is to avoid further hair loss or thinning. The treatment can take multiple sessions and maintenance treatments to obtain desired results, which can vary. Commitment is key!

PRP injections for hair restoration can be very effective at the initial stages of hair loss and for maintenance, thanks to the growth factors being injected into the scalp that causes the follicles to come out of the dormant phase and spend more time in the growth phase of the hair cycle. Not everyone is a good candidate though. To determine if you are a good candidate you need to be evaluated by a hair restoration specialist.

PRP Hair Restoration in Peabody, MA

Once you start the treatments, it may take a few months to see any results due to the hair growth cycle. Usually, clients start to see results after 2-3 treatments a couple of months apart. In addition, PRP injections may be necessary for maintaining hair growth once or twice a year after the first year.

Make an appointment today! For more information, what PRP treatment therapy can do to improve your hair health, please call Century MedSpa at (978) 378-2007 or contact us online.

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