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What is IV Infusion Therapy? IV Infusion therapy in our Century MedSPA in Peabody, MA, is the fastest way to deliver powerful nutrients, minerals and amino acids directly in your bloodstream for absorption at the cellular level. Should I try IV Therapy? ​There are a number of potential benefits that you could experience when trying IV therapy. Many people swear by this procedure, saying that they feel better and more energetic afterward. IV therapy restores vitamin level and prevents illness. Research is continuing to develop on IV vitamin therapy, but here are a few of the reasons why you should consider this treatment option at Century MedSPA in Peabody. 5 Reasons to Get IV Therapy - Extra Energy - Many who have tried IV vitamin therapy love feeling more energetic, and sometimes even experience this benefit right after their first treatment. - Improves Allergies - Allergies make far too many of us sniffly, stuffed up and miserable. But IV therapy could help alleviate some of the symptoms - Vitamin C Boost - Vitamin C is excellent for supporting your immune system, and IV therapy administers a boost of this essential vitamin to help your body fight infection. - Rehydrates Body - Hangovers and some pretty significant illnesses can lead to dehydration - IV vitamin therapy is a way to potentially bring back some lost nutrients. - Many Other Potential Benefits - Past recipients of IV therapy have reported improvements in eyesight, a decrease in muscle spasms, and more.

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